Meet Bordeaux Locals: Anastasiia Viard

Anastasiia, 33, is a Bordeaux fashionista and an entrepreneur with unparalleled energy. She is always looking for something new to read, new things to do on the weekend, and new places to travel.

A surfer, a skater, and an avid movie lover, she always finds time to discover a new fancy rooftop bar or a stylish Franco-Swedish brunch place.

I thought I’d ask Anastasiia for some local Bordeaux advice.

How long have been living in Bordeaux?

 I am a “bordelaise” for slightly more than 3 years.

What do you like about Bordeaux?

I love the classy historical atmosphere of Bordeaux – we are living surrounded by the 18th-century architectural masterpiece.

I love the location – it is close to the longest beaches in France. I can go for an ocean walk every weekend.

There are also a lot of very nice restaurants with outdoor terraces where locals like to chill. I believe it is the most popular after-work activity for the bordelais [Bordeaux locals].

What do you do for a living?

I run my online shop of wedding dresses and accessories Les filles fidèles.

What do you do for fun in Bordeaux?

Currently, I have a lot of fun doing yoga. I look forward to starting wall climbing again.

What is your favorite restaurant in Bordeaux?

There are plenty of fancy and cool restaurants in Bordeaux.

I really love 2 places here, it’s hard to choose one.

A seafood restaurant L’Embarcadère – a historical place with the freshest food and friendly service.

The other favorite is a classic French bistro Léopold with traditional menu spiced up with creativity and served in a warm family atmosphere.

What is your favorite Bordeaux wine?

The advantage of living in Bordeaux is unlimited access to many good wines. Every week, I try something new and it is almost always great. My best wine experiences yet are associated with the wines from Saint-Èmilion.

What is your favorite coffee shop in Bordeaux?

Bordeaux may not look like a coffee place since the most popular drink here after water is evidently wine (at least it looks so). There are some cozy good coffee spots like L’Alchimiste and La Pelle Café.

What is your advice to visitors of Bordeaux on the best places to see and experience?

I would definitely recommend wine tasting experience at Bordeaux chateaux. If you visited our city and didn’t go on a Bordeaux wine tour you should definitely come back.

Then, I would strongly recommend climbing the Dune du Pilat, it is an experience of a lifetime. Any kind of ocean-related experience will also be great. For example, hire a mini-boat in the Arcachon Bay  and go to eat local oysters.

In the city center, just take a coffee, a cup of tea or another glass of wine at any cafe on Place du Parliament and enjoy the atmosphere of this old city. 

And finally, my personal recommendation – choose Bordeaux as a wedding destination, you will not regret – stunning castles, plenty of opportunities for a beach wedding, simple wine domaines with vineyard views. 

You will definitely find your dream wedding place around Bordeaux and have great times with your friends and family.

Merci Anastasiia of Les filles fidèles boutique de robe de mariée à Bordeaux!

Come visit Anastasiia when you are around. Perhaps, you are interested in wedding dress from Bordeaux or even choosing Bordeaux as your wedding venue?

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By Polina

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